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Are you looking for a company who provides toll grinding of pumpable suspensions? One who uses agitated bead mills for fast and low cost grinding of your products?

 As a service, we offer you fine and ultrafine grinding of your products – with the widest possible range of requirement profiles.

 For example, we can do toll grinding with target fineness of less than 1µm and at a specified maximum product temperature and other product limitations.

 As a toll grinding company, we deliver everything per your requirements – from the smallest quantities on a lab scale up to a requested production quantity. Take advantage of the benefits of delegating your fine grinding – and of having production of samples for your customers.

 Make use of our expertise!

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The following sectors use our wet grinding technology:

  • Chemistry

  • Ceramics

  • Paint and varnish manufacturers

  • Paper industry

  • Food and drink industry

  • Inkjet applications

  • Materials preparation technology

  • Mineral processing

Are you active in one of these industries and need grinding services?

Get in touch with us! We are at your disposal as a toll grinder – send us an e-mail to scholtz@corvus-gmbh.de


Corvus Lohnmahlung offers a variety of different processes and production options for your wet grinding.

We can provide you wet grinding from the lab scale to small sample quantities, right the way up to production scale.

We have:

  • Special pumps for different products

  • Various coolable container sizes

  • Circle and/or pass grinding

  • Various grinding beat sizes for special requirements

In addition, we work with modern measuring systems to check and document the finished fineness.
Take advantage of our wet grinding technology services for your fine grinding.

Take advantage of our wet grinding technology services for your fine grinding.






“Our customers have good ideas. We implement them technically.”

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Corvus Lohnmahltechnik is a division of Corvus Beschichtungssysteme GmbH based in Gernsheim, Germany. We work in the centre of the Rhine-Main-Neckar metropolitan region. As a special service, we offer the fine grinding of various products for a large range of industries.

Since 1998, our company has been active in the wet grinding of solids in liquids or suspensions according to a highly diverse range of customer requirements. We have deep expertise in fine grinding suspensions to order and all the associated requirements, such as wear-reduced and low-abrasion grinding without greying.

As a service provider for fine grinding of suspensions in agitated bead mills, we can adapt our facilities to your needs.

For the production of smalest particle sizes, smaller than 1µm, we can use smallest grinding balls.

Benefit from our experience in the toll grinding of suspensions!
Take advantage now of our attractive offers – please send us an e-mail to scholtz@corvus-gmbh.de




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